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The Verità-Poeta Palace

Defined as probably the most beautiful urban example of the eighteenth-century Venetian architecture, the Verità-Poeta Palace looks like a fairy-tale mansion in Verona's historical center.
Since 1939, when the palace was declared as "of a great historical and artistic interest", it has been submitted to numerous important restoration works, and after the '90s it wholly regained the charm of its original construction.    

The Verità-Poeta Palace arises in Verona's center, just a few steps from the Arena and Castelvecchio. Short distance between the palace and the most important city monuments and churches makes its position quite strategic.

What is the most impressive about the palace is the refined elegance of its halls and the magnificent garden which is also surprising, since it is absolutely unexpected in the city center. Thanks to the Roman style staircase, and the elegant railing with baroque decorations, the garden looks even more spectacular.

Numerous eighteenth-century frescoes and decorations of inner spaces, embellish the palace and render it unique, turning it into an ideal place for exquisite receptions.

The palace is still a private residence and, by inheritance, is now owned by the Counts Bevilacqua drawing their name from the Counts Verità-Poeta. The noble Verità family is so ancient, that it was not only present in the Scaliger city, but the chronicles quote a Renaissance legend linking the origins of the city and of its name to the Veritàs' arrival, who themselves come from Etruria.

The Verità-Poeta Palace turns out to be really inchanting, and it perfectly fits to those who desire to combine the history and the exclusivity of a private residence, valorised by a wonderful inner garden.
Being in the great Ballroom, as well as in one of the other marvelous halls of the palace, still inhabited by the owners, is equivalent to a real immersion in the art and history, and all this is possible in the heart of the Scaliger city.

On request, we will be happy to organise a guided visit for you.